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June 2, 2008

Today we met Master of Wine Bob Betz, owner/winemaker of Betz Family Winery in Redmond, WA. Bob Betz worked for Chateau Ste. Michelle before he ventured into his own winery operation. Bob was a very kind, sweet, and honest man to interview. I got a fatherly feeling from him. It was quite warm and comforting. Bob being so down to earth made it easy to talk to, making for a smooth interview. Bob was a great wealth of knowledge. He even made us privy to several barrel samples, in order for us to smell/taste the differences in the different wine growing regions in Washington state. We found that it really did help us to sense the different characteristics from the different growing regions, keeping in mind the different micro-climates as well as the soils. Just smelling a barrel sample of ’06 Merlot from Horse Heaven Hills reminded me of St. Emilion wines. Bob also graciously sampled us one is bottled ’04 & ’05 Clos du Betz red wine. They were both great, but it was obvious that they both have much potential for their future. After our interview, Bob sent us on our way with the two left over bottles to enjoy with our lunch at Barking Frog in Woodinville, WA.